Radiantly Raw Kitchen

“CEF breathed new life into my American Dream. They provided a way for me to grow my business from a hobby level to where it is today.”
– Jacquie Mosher, Owner


What started as a hobby to create simple, healthy and delicious food turned into a business for self-proclaimed foodie, Jacquie Mosher. Searching for alternatives that were free of any additives and processing that made her sick, she focused on recreating a raw version of a childhood favorite: chocolate.

Demand began when a friend who owned a juice bar asked Jacquie to sell her raw chocolate treats there. Response was so positive that she couldn’t keep up with the orders. “I never planned for this hobby to be a business,” remarked Jacquie. “I’ve always been good at experimenting in the kitchen and like inventing things.” Established with a goal of helping others reap the health benefits of eating whole, raw foods, Jacquie’s Radiantly Raw products are packed with nutrients and enzymes lacking in more processed versions of sweets.


To meet growing demand for her raw products, Jacquie needed a loan to expand her business. After approaching a local bank, she and her husband were referred to Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) in 2014 where she heard about the Healthy Foods Fund created to support small businesses providing access to fresh, healthy foods. Jacquie’s loan allowed her to purchase inventory and equipment, add an online store, and open a second retail location in downtown Manitou Springs to increase access beyond her original Colorado Springs facility.


Now an award-winning truffle entrepreneur celebrating her third year in business, Jacquie says the most rewarding thing about being a business owner is sharing her chocolates with others. “It’s motivating to help people with their dietary needs and makes my day!” Being able to contribute to her local community and add value as a small business also ranks high.

“CEF breathed new life into my American Dream,” concludes Jacquie. “They provided a way for me to grow my business from a hobby level to where it is today. They know small business is so vital for the local economy.”

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