Community Loan Funds

Patnering with local cities and counties to create economic opportunities for small businesses

CEF began partnering with local municipalities in 2009 and have served over 1300 businesses with the community loan funds

It's about partnerships

CEF began our Community Loan Fund partnerships in 2009 with with the City of Boulder. Since, CEF has partnered with 13 cities/counties to create economic opportunities through small business ownership. CEF has leveraged the original investments from our city/county partners 8 times by lending $40M total to 1300 small businesses that created 6,500 jobs in those communities.

CEF offers Community Loan Funds in partnership with cities and counties to provide capital and coaching resources to build strong and vibrant small businesses and economic opportunities.

Currently, CEF works with 13 areas to create and expand small businesses in their city or county. Based on where your business operates, please learn about the affordable and flexible loan options and terms through these designated loan funds.

Current Municipality Partners:

We are always working to expand our partnerships. Do you work for a municipality that would like to strengthen the small business economy? Contact us! Are you a business owner and don't see your city or county listed? No worries. CEF offers many types of loan solutions throughout the state of Colorado - from traditional small business and commercial real estate loans to loan programs specialized for underserved populations such as CEF's healthy foods initiative, black business, creative industries, Valor for Veterans program, and more.

Small Business Loans

Thank you to the following organizations that have invested to expand access to capital for small businesses in their areas.