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Workshops, seminars, and more to help you and your small business.
Small Biz Academy

Welcome to our NEW Small Biz Academy

CEF wants to empower small businesses through capital and coaching. Due to generous partners and grants, we are able to provide FREE business education pre and post-loan to our borrowers.  


Small Biz Academy

Below is a full range of workshops, seminars, and curriculum. Many of these programs are available in English and Spanish. Register to take advantage of these today!

Intro to Quickbooks Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to create invoices, receive payments, make deposits, enter, and pay bills, reconcile bank accounts, and review financial reports through a QuickBooks study 

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Quality Jobs Workshop

Investing in quality jobs for employees while balancing the needs of your business is critical! Paying a living wage is important, but many other factors affect why employees stay.

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Dollars and Sense 4-Week Workshop

Learn how to take care of your personal finances, credit scores, and create a financial foundation to enjoy what is important to you. More sessions coming soon.

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Doing Business with the Government

This 2-hour workshop is for startups and existing businesses that want to do business with the Federal Government. This workshop is a step-by-step process on how to get started.

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Planning for the Future: Strategic Planning for Small Businesses Workshop

Learn the importance of making strategic decisions for sustainability and planning the future of your business.

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Loan Readiness for Small Businesses Workshop

Learn to think like a lender by signing up for this workshop.  Be loan-ready to start or grow your business! 

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Additional Resources

In addition to in-person training, CEF also offers many learning modules through our online library, Initiate Prosperity.  Free, downloadable resources, workbooks, guides, and more for you and your small business. You can access this today, FREE for 30 days.

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If you would like to have a CEF Business Navigator speak to your organization on a specific business topic, please contact our Small Biz Academy Architect.

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NEW!  Sign up for CEF's Quality Jobs Program.  CEF is working with Aspen Institute to implement this program which will focus on helping owners create quality jobs and invest in employees to provide a rewarding workplace while also investing in their business’s future. 

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CEF Business Navigators work with many organizations throughout Colorado that also help small business owners navigate through their journey. 

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"The CEF team has extra insight I didn't have, and Jason has been there for me in crucial times. He understands what I'm dealing with and gives me strategy recommendations at times when I'm about to make a big decision."

Janet Castle | Owner | Eagle Synergistic