Quality Jobs Program

Coaching, tools, and resources to make your business a great place to work
Quality Jobs Program

Want to provide good quality jobs for your employees while increasing profits? Of course you do!

Not sure how? Let CEF Business Navigators help!

CEF has teamed up with Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program (EOP) to provide FREE group & one-on-one coaching, tools, and resources that business owners need to:

  • Gain a competitive advantage in hiring/recruitment
  • Retain higher-caliber employees
  • Lighten your load by improving delegation
  • Create a positive impact within your community
  • Sharpen communication and management skills
  • Create a culture of equality and inclusiveness

Investing in quality jobs for employees while balancing the needs of your business is critical.  In fact, if done right, quality jobs lead to higher profits.  Investing in employees is not always about money. Feeling appreciated, opportunities for growth, benefits, culture, and communication. These are all factors, not just pay that contribute to creating a job that is fulfilling for employees.

CEF’s new Quality Jobs Program is designed to help business owners:

  • Cultivate or enhance their HR practices
  • Learn or improve their management skills
  • Meet with other peer business owners 
  • Share knowledge with other small business owners
  • Create a positive and rewarding workplace for their employees 

Incentive funds up to $2K are available to owners who complete the program and achieve the individualized objectives outlined by the company and CEF.

Watch the video below to see how a CEF client implemented some ideas from the Quality Jobs Program to make his business a great place to work!

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