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“I’m grateful for the support of CEF, giving me sufficient capital to develop and patent new products.”
– Jason Rider, Founder/Owner



An avid gardener, Jason Rider was inspired by his own experience to create C-Bite.  The typical cages designed to keep plants growing tall and strong proved too hard to use. He wanted something more flexible and sturdy. So he started developing a prototype using a 3-D printer in his home. The resulting anchor is shaped like a C and bites onto any rod so growers can create their own plant support systems.

“You need to be market oriented,” said Jason, about his new patent-pending product design which was recently licensed to a national garden supply distributor. “You can vet ideas with little cost…. [but you also need to] know when to give up.” Other key steps to success Jason noted were having sufficient capital to develop and patent new products, producing enough to be profitable, and asking for help.


Jason sought funding to develop his C-Bite product and was referred to Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) by Advantage Bank in Fort Collins. After getting a loan from CEF in 2014, Jason also got help from CEF’s Business Acceleration Services (BAS) team of consultants to sharpen his sales strategies and upgrade his accounting software.

“Jason Rider’s past business experience showed through on our first meeting,” said Robert Anderson, Manager of BAS.  “I was most impressed by his ability to see a need experienced by anyone who grows anything, a need not addressed well by any available solution.  He didn’t just have an entrepreneur’s vision.  He had the engineering and marketing skills to extend his solution today to anyone anywhere.”


Now that his C-Bite invention is being distributed nationally, Jason is busy working on producing six more ‘widgets,’ hiring his first employees next year, and writing a book to inspire people to be entrepreneurs.

“I’m grateful for the support of others,” Jason remarks, referring to the many lawyers, manufacturers, designers and advisors he’s worked with along the way. “I’m enjoying working with this product. It’s a lot of fun.”

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