Jumpin Good Goat Dairy

“The impact of my CEF loan is quite substantial to my agriculturally-based business.”
– Dawn Jump, Owner


Dedicated to sustainable farming, humane treatment of animals, enhancing local food systems, and the classic French method of cheese-making, Jumpin Good Goat Dairy has established itself as an award-winning producer of artisan goat cheese renowned for its Rocky Mountain flavor, elevation (the highest goat dairy in the US) and farm-to-table goodness.

The brainchild of owner Dawn Jump, whose family started homesteading and ranching in Colorado in the 1800s, Jumpin Good Goat Dairy is a family-run operation rooted in crafting a variety of hand-made cheeses. Established in 1997, the business now occupies 42 acres including a 4200 sf dairy, aging caves, a country store and free-roaming goats. Dawn’s passion for her goats, organic farming and cheese-making has earned her praise on the Cooking Channel and in Chef Mario Batali’s book, America: Farm to Table.


Dawn needed capital to expand her growing year-round business operations and to meet increased demand for her gourmet cheese products. In 2014, she approached the USDA and the Colorado Enterprise Zone program for help, and was referred to Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) where she learned about the Healthy Foods Fund. Her CEF loan was used to buy and install an in-house packaging label system, to purchase low-cost winter feed for her goats, and to invest in more dairy goats to increase milk production.

“The impact of my CEF loan is quite substantial to my agriculturally-based business,” said Dawn. “We were able to breed earlier in the season and even marketed agri-tourism with a record number of visitors this winter. Now that’s making a connection with agriculture in Colorado!”


Dawn also took advantage of CEF’s Business Acceleration Services to upgrade her dairy accounting system with the help of QuickBooks, along with a new computer and manufacturing software funded by the Colorado Enterprise Zone program.

“My goal is to feed a large number of people in a sustainable way,” remarked Dawn. “The reward is knowing you’re doing something right for your animals, your community, the environment and yourself.”

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