Hill Dentistry

“Without the assistance of CEF in 2001, I could have never been successful and involved in my community to the extent that I am.”
– Dr. Jonathan Hill, Owner


Imagine knowing at age 7 that you want to be a dentist. It’s possible when your family’s dentist lives across the street. That proximity, plus a love of science and peoples’ smiles, was what inspired Jonathan Hill to pursue dental school. After he graduated, he was commissioned into the US Army Dental Corp at Fort Carson, Colorado, where he served for six years.


Jonathan then joined a partnership and realized he wanted to build a dental office for his brother and him to serve patients. The chosen location was Fountain, Colorado. While talking with some general contractors, he heard about Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) where he eventually applied for and received a loan to purchase dental equipment, patient chairs, x-ray units and other essential furnishings for his new office.

“I made an appointment to meet CEF and present my business plan.  I had zero business experience yet I knew I was capable of accomplishing something significant.”


In his first year, Jonathan’s new practice generated over $750,000. This helped him open a separate dental office in Westcliff from 2004 to 2008 before he relocated his business to its current location in Colorado Springs. Since 2001, his practice has generated over $14 million while treating more than 60,000 patients and employing over 40 employees. Jonathan also provides dental treatment to those in need including smile makeovers for cancer patients.

“I’m passionate about dentistry and my patients, and a life learner, always attending dental implant courses and educational seminars to stay on the forefront of dentistry and treatment for my patients.  I’m active in my community and am a Big Brother to Isaiah, in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado.”

Jonathan states that CEF allowed him to grow his business which, in turn, “grows Colorado.” He goes on further to say, “Without the assistance of CEF in 2001, I could have never been successful and involved in my community to the extent that I am.  It was a miracle that I heard of CEF. I will always be grateful to CEF and their partners.”

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