Business Acceleration Services (BAS)

Purpose of Business Acceleration Services (BAS)

Reduce small business risk and support long-term success of CEF borrowers through one-on-one business coaching and training.

Offering business coaching and training from experienced consultants who advise on

  • Business planning
  • Human resource and legal issues
  • Marketing and sales
  • Cash flow management and profitability
  • Finance and accounting
  • Technology and business software
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Typical Focus Areas for BAS Consulting1

  • Marketing to the right target market to get more leads
  • Improving sales methods to turn leads into new business
  • Implementing employee accountability to improve performance
  • Understanding the numbers in your accounting system
  • Projecting your cash and collecting more of it from customers
  • Getting your legal house in order: entity status, contracts, disputes

How BAS Works with CEF Borrowers

  • We pair you with a CEF BAS advisor after your loan closing
  • We assess the progress of your business from its opening to now
  • We diagnose the best next steps to move your business forward
  • We work with you to help you reach the success you seek

What CEF Borrowers Get from BAS2

  • Convenience – we consult with you on your schedule3
  • Flexibility – we tailor our advising to the needs of your business
  • Savings – most of our one-on-one consulting is minimal or no cost4
  • Results – borrowers who use BAS are more likely to pay off their loans and succeed as small business owners

  1. CEF’s BAS advisors provide helpful suggestions of an educational nature that are not intended to mandate or supersede the business practices or decisions of the Company, its owners or managers.
  2. Based on full service engagement after initial 2 hour business assessment with BAS advisor.
  3. BAS advising is available in person, online or by phone, in English or Spanish.
  4. For advising on legal matters, CEF refers borrowers to licensed attorneys who may charge for their services.

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Help another start up or small business succeed. Refer an entrepreneur to Colorado Enterprise Fund and we’ll follow up to see how we can help them take the next step.

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