Small Business Summit Sessions

Sessions to help Crush Your Business Goals
This list below will include keynote, panel, and breakout session descriptions.

What Does the Colorado Economy and Demographics Look Like & how Does This Play Into Your Business? 

Discover the dynamic synergy between Colorado's economy and demographics and understand how the curren environment may shape your entrepreneurial pursuits. Small business owners have the opportunity not only to prosper but also to make constructive contributions to Colorado's ongoing growth and prosperity. Brian Lewandowski, Executive Director of Business Research at the University of Colorado, will provide insights into the current economic trends and prospects for Colorado. Nancy Gedeon, from the Colorado State Demography Office, will present demographic trends that can assist entrepreneurs in making informed business decisions, enabling them to adapt effectively to the evolving present and future landscape.

Speakers: Brian Lewandowski and Nancy Gedeon


Panel: Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Business
Have you ever made a business mistake and said “I wish I had known that before?” Industry experts and actual small business owners will give you insights into tips/tricks, mistakes, and challenges other entrepreneurs have faced and overcome.  This panel will help you uncover the essential dos and don’ts in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Panel: Sources of Funding and Loan Readiness

Whether you are a new business or looking to grow, access to capital is critical.  Learn about different sources of capital available and how to have the right financial documents ready to get approval for the business loan you desire now or in the future. 

Breakout: Empowering Small Businesses with ChatGPT
Explore how Chat GPT is transforming the business landscape for small businesses. We will delve into the advantages it offers such as enhanced communication, time-efficiency, content creation and optimization,  brainstorming, market research, and more.  Gain insights into how this cutting-edge technology can revolutionize your small business, paving the way for a more streamlined, productive, and future-ready enterprise. 


Breakout: Marketing on a Budget: Marketing to 100 People on $100
Marketing can get expensive, and it's getting more and more difficult to reach potential customers on social media without using paid posts! Would you like to learn how you can market your business to 100 people with just $100? Then, this fun and energetic workshop is for you! Join us as Chalice Springfield, teaches quick and easy to implement tips on how to maximize low-cost, but high-payoff marketing efforts to increase and expand your business! You’ll walk away with lots of ideas on what you can do today to ramp up your marketing without emptying your checkbook!


Breakout: Making Good Business Decisions Based the Numbers
The answers to strategy questions may be hidden in your own financial statements. In today’s world, making informed decisions based on numbers is essential for success. Join us for a comprehensive breakout looking at a case study on how a business discovered a powerful new source of profits. 


Breakout: Creating and Building Your Brand
Your brand is a powerful asset. Join us where you’ll gain knowledge and tools to create and build a brand that stands out for your small business.

Breakout: Emotional Side of Running a Business & How to Manage Expectations to Obtain More Balance
Running a business can be a rollercoaster of emotions and is a juggling act between work and personal life.  Join us for an impactful breakout that explores the emotional highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Learn practical tips and strategies for creating healthy boundaries and managing stress while running a business.   

Breakout: Payroll Taxes 101
This session will provide you with essential insights into the world of payroll taxes.  Learn how to navigate with confidence, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.