Community Advantage Loan (SBA) for Small Businesses

The CEF Advantage for Bankers

  • Our SBA loans are $75,000 to $250,000 for new and existing small businesses
  • Our underwriting guidelines are more flexible but still within SBA requirements
  • We have other CEF loan products for small businesses that don’t qualify for an SBA loan, allowing you to maintain your customer relationship while we service the loan
  • Our other CEF loans are quicker than SBA and backed by over 40 years in servicing and underwriting experience

The CEF Advantage for Small Businesses

  • Our SBA loans offer larger amounts, comparable interest rates, longer terms, and more flexible requirements relative to collateral
  • We explain how to qualify for an SBA loan and provide patient, hands-on help during every step of the SBA loan process
  • We offer other financing options if the SBA loan isn’t a good fit and can transfer information you provide for an SBA loan to our other CEF loans
  • We offer all our borrowers convenient, low or no-cost business coaching and training for the duration of their loans to help them succeed.
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