Using a Brand to Make Your Business Stand Out

You run a great small business.  People love your product or service and keep coming back for more.  But how can people who do not know your business learn to love it as much as your regular customers?

One way is to create a strong brand.  The image and words that make up your brand tell people what’s unique about your business in a memorable way.  Memorable because potential buyers are bombarded by hundreds of marketing messages each day from social media, websites and email, plus from traditional media like TV, radio, billboards, bus benches—the list goes on and on.

Forbes magazine estimates Americans are hit with 4,000 - 10,000 ads per day.  Your brand message must survive and someway be heard amidst all this clutter!  In the one or two seconds the typical person allows for a first impression, your business must be heard and remembered.

A great first step in creating or revitalizing your brand is to follow this Brand Audit Guide.  Once you click the link, if you are not already on Initiate Prosperity:  Powered by Colorado Enterprise Fund, you’ll be prompted to create a simple profile.  Pick “Colorado Enterprise Fund” from the dropdown box.  Once you read the Brand Audit Guide, roam around the other small business learning resources as our guest!

Author - Robert Anderson, Business Acceleration Services Manager

This message is brought to you by Colorado Enterprise Fund, an SBA Microlender.  Because a part of our funding comes from the SBA, our mission is to share knowledge and support with small businesses throughout Colorado.


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