Small Business Spotlight: Corazón Wellness

“With the help of CEF, I was able to purchase what I needed to get my business up and running again after COVID. All of my patients love the new space and the services I can provide."
– Celeste Ferro, Owner
Lakewood, CO | Woman & Minority-Owned Professional Services Business
Owner: Celeste Ferro

Q&A with Owner, Celeste Ferro

Give a high level overview of your business. What products or services you offer, where you're located, etc.
Wholeheartedly Wellbeing is an Ayurvedic wellness and bodywork boutique located in Lakewood, CO. Wholeheartedly opened its doors in February of 2019 with a dream to become a multi-room space. We offer Ayurvedic consultations, ayurvedic bodywork, meditation instruction, craniosacral therapy, skincare, massage therapy, and sound healing. What is great about this space is that our patients have everything in one place, so they do not have to go to different practitioners for their needs.

What inspired you to step into the world of small business?
I found that there was a need in my industry for more presence after treatment. It is not enough for people to receive bodywork, they need to be able to integrate the work and for that, time and presence is needed.

How long have you been in your industry and what do you love most about your industry?
I have been in this industry for over 11 years. What I love the most about my job is that I can provide a space for people to relax and let go of the daily stresses of life so that true healing can take place.

How did your journey lead you to Colorado Enterprise Fund?
I asked for a business loan to the credit union where I have my business checking account and they were not able to provide funds, but they gave me CEF information and I was able to get the funding I needed to reopen my business after COVID19.

What was your experience like when trying to get funding for your business? Ie, how long had you been looking? Did you experience difficulties, etc.?

I had been looking for funding for about 4 or 5 months. I received some negatives from other companies and finally my bank connected me with CEF.

What was your experience like working with CEF?
It was a good experience. They were clear on what they needed from me. During the zoom interview I felt like I was talking with regular people, not loan people. That made me feel safe.

What were you able to do with the funding you received from CEF?
I was able to get what I needed to reopen my boutique studio. I needed drapes, paint, furniture, and supplies as well as products. Now I have all of that and my patients love the space and the new services I can provide.

What's on the horizon for you and your small business?
I am focused on growing so that I can make my dream of a storefront with 4 or 5 treatment rooms come true. I also want to continue giving back to my community in ways that educate people about the benefits of bodywork.

What is something you're looking forward to in the next 3-6 months in your business?
I am looking forward to being fully booked 6 months in advance and hopefully hiring my first employee who could provide services on my days off.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Thank you for your help.



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