Our Governing Board

Wes Parham | Chair
Manager, State Government Affairs
Ed Briscoe | Vice Chair
Managing Director
Susan Graf | Treasurer
Impact Banker
Brian Peagler | Secretary
Director of Information Systems
Mizraim Cordero
Director of State and Local Government Affairs
Haroun Cowans
Managing Director
Sandra Hadlock
Community Representative
Nan Hinton
President, Business Banking
Gregg Moss
Innovation Coordinator
Andrew Rubin
Jeff Steepleton | Past Chair
Ethics Initiative Manager
Leigh Taylor
Director, Executive Search

Our Advisory Board

Debra Bustos | Chair
Community Representative
Haroun Cowans
Managing Director
Josh Devon
Chief Financial Officer
Jose Esparza
Executive Director
Josh Griff
Senior Loan Officer - Transit Oriented Development
Eric Kornacki
Founder & CEO
Rosy McDonough
Director, Minority Business Office
John Parvensky
Ricardo Rocha
Executive Director
Maria Sepulveda
Vice President, Community Development Office
Elena Vasconez
Business & Economic Development Supervisor