Small Business Spotlight: Graphics Forward

"My loan team at CEF moved quickly, did their diligence thoroughly, and helped me look at the bigger picture to get my business growing."
– Garrett Fritszler, Owner of Graphics Forward
Denver, CO | Professional Services Start-Up Business
Owner: Garrett Fritzler

Q&A with Owner, Garrett Fritzler

Give a high level overview of your business. What products or services you offer, where you're located, etc.
We're the only unlimited graphic design service specifically designed for CBD companies. Based in Denver, CO, we’ve been in business for years and worked with dozens of hemp and CBD businesses locally and nationwide, so we’re the CBD industry's trustworthy partner when it’s time to create responsible content, media, and packaging. With high quality art and excellent customer service, we make sure you come in on-time and under budget.

How did the idea for your business come about?
Growing up I knew I had some artistic inclination, so as a young man looking for ways to be creative and make money, several people in my life suggested graphic design. After years of freelancing, I decided it was time to pivot and create an agency out of the design business I'd already established.

What neighborhood is your business located in and what do you love about that location?
Our headquarters are located in Denver, but our work is done entirely remotely. I meet with clients in person on occasion, but the large majority of what we do is done behind a computer, thus the whole world is our oyster.

What led your business to seek out new/additional funding?
I took the opportunity to build a business plan for two purposes: get financing to build the agency, and to come up with the money necessary to utilize a particularly potent but criminally underutilized marketing service for a limited period of time.

How did you find out about CEF?
I worked with the free-to-meet-with business and financial consultants via the Colorado Small Business Development Center who referred me to Stephanie with CEF.

What was your experience like in working with CEF?
My loan team moved quickly, did their due diligence thoroughly, and released funds with haste. It was a very fast process but no part felt rushed or insufficiently scrutinized.

What were you able to do with the funding you received from CEF?
I am working with designers now and have passed on a large majority of the design work to my design team. I'm also working with marketing and sales consultants who are helping me reach large numbers of interested potential clients.

What's on the horizon for you and your small business?

We're currently proof-testing our plans and look forward to strengthening and doubling down on the effort if it works.

Have you worked with our Business Navigation (coaching) team? What difference has working with them made for your business?

What difference has working with them made for your business?
Working with Jeff has helped me start to assess questions about the bigger picture: what's my exit strategy, and how will I get there? What are my goals in life outside of growing the business.

What recent success(es) have you experienced in your business?
We feared that in transitioning from freelancer to agency that we might lose some of our long-time business. That hasn't happened, and we've actually added clients during the transition. It's been nice to have a cushion of service income to work with, rather than living on the edge of the budget.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? is where CBD companies can get the tools they need to promote, market, and grow their business!

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