Small Business Spotlight: Patterbar

"With the funding we received from CEF, we were able to purchase larger quantities of ingredients and initiate new marketing efforts."
– Patter Gersuk, Owner of Patterbar
Denver, CO | Owner: Patter Gersuk
Woman-Owned Food, Beverage, and Agriculture Services Business

Q&A with Owner, Patter Gersuk

Give a high-level overview of your business.
Patterbars are a whole-food energy bar, produced in Denver, Colorado. We are a female-owned, family-run business, that started in 2018.

How did the idea for your business come about?
I used to make these bars for my children because I couldn’t find snacks with whole-food ingredients. In 2018, my athletic son-in-law encouraged me to produce and sell them as there was nothing else like them on the market. Every single ingredient in my bar is 100% pure food.

How long have you been in your industry and what do you love most about your industry?
I have been in the industry for 33 years in a professional capacity. I love the creativity and diversity: there are endless sources of inspiration and opportunity.

What shift in your business led you to seek out new/additional funding?
We are growing. And growth requires money. In order to move to the next phase, to satisfy customer demand, we had to pursue new funding.

What was your experience like when trying to get funding for your business? Ie, how long had you been looking? Did you experience any challenges?
I was seeking funding opportunities for at least two years, and experienced significant challenges. We were categorized as a seasonal business and our profit margins were low because we were so new and hadn't yet had an opportunity to capitalize on economies of scale.

What was your experience like in working with CEF?
Fantastic, from day one. They were clear, supportive, and told us exactly what to expect. We received recommendations to make the process go more smoothly. They were also incredibly responsive during the application and subsequent review process.

What were you able to do with the funding you received from CEF?
With the funding we received from CEF, we were able to purchase larger quantities of ingredients and initiate new marketing efforts.

What's on the horizon for you and your small business?
Expanding our customer base in Colorado and beyond, new products and flavors, and some new exciting markets!

What recent success(es) have you experienced in your business?
We are working with a new co-packer and a new local distributor. We have a great start to the farmer's market season!

What do you love about the small business community in Colorado?
The small business community in Colorado is incredibly supportive and has given me an extraordinary number of resources. The depth and kindness of small business owners here is beyond anything I could have imagined.






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