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SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) | Colorado Enterprise Fund

As of Monday, April 5, 2021, we have reopened our PPP applications. Please see below for links to our different applications based on your specific situation.

CEF's Paycheck Protection Program Loan Applications

We have four different 2021 PPP loan applications based on your specific situation. Please read carefully to ensure you are selecting the correct application.

First-Draw Applicants

If you are applying for a PPP loan for the very first time and are NOT a schedule c tax filer, use this form.

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Second-Draw Applicants

Already applied for a PPP loan and are now applying for the second time? Use this form if you are NOT a schedule C tax filer.

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Schedule C
First-Draw Applicants

Schedule C filers applying for a PPP loan for the first time, please use the link below to apply.

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Schedule C
Second-Draw Applicants

Second-draw applicants who are schedule c tax filers should use the form at the link below. 

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2021 PPP Loan Program and Application FAQs

PPP Overview

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), authorized under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities (CARES) Act, provides small businesses with funds to pay up to 8 weeks of payroll costs including benefits. Funds can also be used to pay interest on mortgages, rent, and utilities. Need more information about the CARES Act and the PPP? View our CARES Act & PPP Summary via the link below.


CARES Act and PPP Summary


Fully Forgiven

Funds are provided in the form of loans that will be fully forgiven when used for payroll costs, interest on mortgages, rent, and utilities (due to likely high subscription, at least 60% of the forgiven amount must have been used for payroll).

  • Loan payments will be deferred for six months
  • No collateral or personal guarantees are required
  • Neither the government nor lenders will charge small businesses any fees.

Must Keep Employees on the Payroll—or Rehire Quickly

Forgiveness is based on the employer maintaining or quickly rehiring employees and maintaining salary levels. If full-time headcount declines, or if salaries and wages decrease, forgiveness will be reduced.

All Small Businesses Eligible

Small businesses (including nonprofits) with 500 or fewer employees are eligible. Businesses with more than 500 employees are eligible in certain industries.

Thanks to Our Lending Partners Who Helped Make This Possible


"Once again, CEF has come to the rescue. Because of their swift action and personally helping us navigate the complex government requirements [for the PPP], we now have the funds to re-open in 30 days with all nine employees still on board."

Diana Gadison | Executive Director | Early Success Academy