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Delta Dental COVID19 Relief Fund | Colorado Enterprise Fund

Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation and CEF Partner to Offer $7.5M of COVID Relief Loans to Colorado Oral Health Providers
Delta Dental COVID19 Relief Fund | Colorado Enterprise Fund

Program Details

  • Oral health provider practices in Colorado are eligible to apply
  • Due to funding limitations, preference will be given to smaller independent practices, as well as those in or serving disadvantaged communities or communities with limited oral health access
  • Loan amounts up to $50,000
  • 3.5% interest
  • DDCOF is subsidizing the typical interest rate of 9% for these loan sizes
  • 0% origination fee
  • DDCOF is subsidizing a typical 3% origination fee
  • 5-year note terms with 6 months interest-only payments and no pre-payment penalties
  • Quick turnaround time – decision, closing, and funding within two weeks of completed application process


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DDCOF and CEF are partnering to offer this loan because both nonprofit entities share a common commitment to our communities. DDCOF has been serving the community for the past 62 years and CEF for the past 44 years.
The loan is with Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF). Though DDCOF’s investment is helping to provide the funds, the loan is administered through CEF.
Your application and associated information will only be used by CEF for the underwriting and servicing of your loan. Your information will not be shared with DDCOF, DDCO, or any other party.

Loans may be used for most business purposes including, but not limited to the following:

1. Expenses incurred to comply with COVID-19 health and safety protocols

2. Inventory purchases

3. Expenses incurred in reopening business operations

4. Equipment purchases or business personal property deemed necessary to re-establish operations

5. Working capital

6. Lease payments or scheduled payments on commercial loans

7. Payroll and benefits of employees working in the post-crisis operating structure

 Loans shall not be used to pay fees, assessments, liens or penalties due to the failure of the business to collect or remit applicable taxes when due. Additionally, loans shall not be used to pay remuneration to owners of the practice (other than for salary and benefits consistent with past practice and not disproportionate to the number of patients seen by such person) or to pay wages of staff that the business operations can no longer financially support. Uses incompatible with or illegal under federal, state, or local laws, rules, or regulations, will not be permitted.

A Loan Agreement, Promisory Note and Personal Guarantee are the three major agreements for this loan program.  Additional anscillary documents may be required depending on case by case basis.
CEF and DDCOF understand the need for COVID Relief Funds as soon as possible as practices start to re-open.  Our goal is to complete closing and funding within 2 weeks of receipt of a complete application and associated documents required for underwriting.
Apply by completing the application found at this link.