Delta Dental COVID19 Relief Fund | Colorado Enterprise Fund

Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation and CEF Partner to Offer $7.5M of COVID Relief Loans to Colorado Oral Health Providers
Delta Dental COVID19 Relief Fund | Colorado Enterprise Fund

Please note that as of January 29th, 2020, this loan program is closed. Check back soon for updates on future financial assistance opportunities for Colorado oral health providers. In the meantime, you may be interested in our other loan programs.

Delta Dental COVID Relief Program Details

  • Oral health provider practices in Colorado are eligible to apply
  • Due to funding limitations, preference will be given to smaller independent practices, as well as those in or serving disadvantaged communities or communities with limited oral health access
  • Loan amounts up to $50,000
  • 3.5% interest
  • DDCOF is subsidizing the typical interest rate of 9% for these loan sizes
  • 0% origination fee
  • DDCOF is subsidizing a typical 3% origination fee
  • 5-year note terms with 6 months interest-only payments and no pre-payment penalties
  • Quick turnaround time – decision, closing, and funding within two weeks of completed application process